You have a source of energy that is not dependent on the times of the day and climatic conditions ;

You install your ANYOLE biogas plant without having to introduce a building permit ;

You are no longer bothered by the ever-increasing bills of the energy suppliers ;

For 10kW, the electrical connection is simply made on the farm’s electric meter.



Having the necessary technologies to treat all agricultural waste (manure, slurry…) Anatis has carried out several plants and is currently studying different projects, ranging from 10kW electric to more than 400kW

Anatis‘ strong point is its exclusive process for treating liquid effluents (manure, etc.), which was developed in partnership with the company Eloy.

This patented ANYOLE® process covers a micro-biomethanisation process for complex liquefiable solids (livestock effluents).

Its efficiency is based on the implementation of a hydraulic system with differentiated flows allowing to stimulate the activity of different microbial consortia. Due to its compactness and modularity, this technology has low investment costs.

Currently, these products are recognised for their performance in the treatment of manure on the farm.

Anatis offers a simple and discreet micro-biomethanisation unit, which does not require a building permit, including ANYOLE® underground tanks, a post-digestion pocket, an industrial co-generation unit (rotating at 1,500 rpm) and the regulation, bio-gas, electricity and manure connections. The heat supplied by the combined heat and power (CHP) unit can be used to produce hot water or heat.

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Ideal solution for small farms, it can ensure, with 10 kW of electricity, the annual production of :

  • 80,000 kWh/year of electricity covering more than your own consumption 80,000 kWh/year of heat,
    which corresponds to 8,000 litres of fuel oil or 8,000m³ of natural gas. This heat can be used for heating, hot water production or drying.
  • The system is delivered completely prefabricated in three parts:
  • The patented ANYOLE® unit ;
  • The technical unit (combined heat and power (CHP), panel and automatic management of the unit) ;
  • The post-digestion bag.

The electrical connection is made on the farm’s electric meter, without the need for a connection to a high voltage cabin.

This type of bio-methanization does not require a building permit.




This is a natural process that produces methane through the action of bacteria.