Your problem

High organic load
Saturation of the wastewater treatment plant
Outsourced organic waste treatments
Environmental awareness and related governmental standards

The solution

Thanks to our technological and natural process FLUID-ANYOLE®, we treat your effluents by reducing their organic load by at least 80%.

This process, based on bio-methanization, generates bio-methane which can be directly converted into energy by a combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

The electrical and calorific energy produced guarantees the energy autonomy of the system and produces free electricity for the industry.

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Our benefits


Liquid industrial waste
  • At least 80% reduction in organic load (COD)
  • Discharge of downstream wastewater treatment plants
  • Compliance with stringent environmental standards


For the company

Transformation of treatment costs into profitable investments:

  • Reduction of treatment costs
  • Production of green energy (electricity and heat)
  • Circular economy (Europe 2050 “Climate Strategy”)
  • Possible subsidies
Bio méthanisation Fuild Anyole

The technology

Fluid ANYOLE® Process

Based on bio-methanization, our natural solution treats your organic industrial wastewater and transforms it into valuable resources.

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