The profitable green investment that fits between your industry and your liquid waste

Installation adapted to your industry,automated, minimally invasive and easy to maintain

A technological and natural process that treats your effluents by reducing the organic load by at least 80% & empowers them by producing renewable energy for your industry

Guarantees energy optimisation for your company


Anatis was founded to specifically develop the treatment of liquid agricultural effluents such as slurry. It has developed the ANYOLE® process, which is based on the implementation of a hydraulic system with differentiated flows (multiphase combined with two metabolic stages) to stimulate the activity of different microbial complexes. In line with the industrial market, Anatis then extended and adapted its process to a simple, robust and modular design, the FLUID-ANYOLE® process.

The FLUID-ANYOLE® process is able to treat industrial organic effluents by anaerobic digestion (loads between 500 and 2500 kg of biodegradable COD per day). This innovative process is based on the development of a particular hydraulic regime allowing the development of a first metabolic stage, the seat of acidogenesis, and a second one favouring methanogenesis. This biphasic approach ensures an optimisation of the metabolic activity of different specialised microbial niches, resulting in the following advantages :

  • Compactness (> 10 kg COD/m³ reactor /day)
  • High purification efficiency (>80%)
  • Increased biogas quantity and quality
  • Robustness and simplicity of operation
  • None invasive plant resulting in a small land footprint

Underlying electrical power ranges from 10 to 100 kW.